Washington, DC | The Cherry Blossoms are Finally Here!

I am sure we weren't the only ones playing a game of cat and mouse with the cherry blossoms this year. Then finally, after anxiously waiting, they finally made their appearance last week! And would you believe it that the Tidal Basin was insanely packed with people coming out to enjoy the blossoms before the strong winds and warning of snow got to them first!?  And although we've had to change the date on this family session not twice, but THREE times! :) I'd say the wait was all worth it! 

Thanks to baby Luciana, I have a whole new affectionate tug in my heart when I see fresh baby rolls. 


We may have started out with bribing Noah with ice cream thinking he would smile more, but he was SO into this shoot the whole time! When I would be taking photos of his sister, he would go out and pick flowers for his mom and would often time remind me that he hasn't had a turn in front of the camera. What a sweet stud!

During our photoshoot I found out that the Garcia family and I go to the same church. Our session together was more fun than I could have hoped for, in spite of it being super busy around us and trying to avoid crowds and people with selfie sticks. 

There's something so special about documenting a family. At the end of the session I always feel so close to them. I am not just the outsider looking at them through my lens, throughout our interactions I start to feel like I am part of them. The best part is when you leave a photoshoot with an invitation to hang out again, such a great feeling.