Dumbo Brooklyn NYC Engagements | Mike + Lindsay

Brooklyn Bridge engagement photo

What a weekend! It was pouring rain and gloomy in Dumbo, Brooklyn. But if there ever would be another version of Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, it would be Dumbo, Brooklyn in the Rain. Despite the gloom, walking around with these two and exploring made it seem like a charming scene out of a movie. 

Mike + Lindsay met at a charity event two years ago (October 28th) and will be getting married on their 3 year anniversary this year, on October 28th. Even their proposal sounds like something out a movie listening to Lindsay tell it. In her words, "We were traveling around Italy for a month in September when Mike proposed at our villa in Umbria after a day in wine country- very romantic and sweet." No. Big. Deal. That definitely doesn't happen everyday! 

I love fun couples, and these two were a blast to be with! I can't wait to do this all over again with them at their October wedding at the super historic and enchanting Canfield Casino

Brooklyn bridge engagement photos
Dumbo Brooklyn NYC engagement photos