Our Family Getaway to Vermont at Four Chimneys Inn


Guest Author, Matias Perttula, aka my HUSBABE 

We love getaways. Specially if you tell me it’s a getaway to a timeless inn in Bennington, Vermont. Over Thanksgiving, Barbarah, me and Lincoln took a trip to Barbarah’s hometown in upstate New York, where she was adopted to from Haiti when she was 10 years old. The day after Thanksgiving, we decided to stay at the Four Chimneys Inn located in Bennigton, Vermont (just over the border from New York). The night before, when we told Barbarah’s Dad of our plans to go stay at the inn, he was shocked to find out because that’s where he and Barbarah’s mom got married 25 years ago. Already we knew that this would be a great experience.

If there’s a word or a phrase that comes to mind when I think through the stay is, “excellence from an era of vintage classiness.” As soon as we pulled into the drive way, we felt right at home, but in an aura of the whole establishment that engulfed us from start to finish. It felt like we had just stepped into a story written by one of America’s greatest writers… might have something to do with the fact that Robert Frost is resting right around the corner at the graveyard at the Old First Church. We walked up the stairs to check in to our room and were met with the warmest smiles and the most genuine welcome from Lynn, Fiona and Pete. Their wholehearted dedication to excellence was felt through the entire stay. And, their sense of humor and pleasant laughter made the atmosphere come alive with all the history of the Four Chimneys Inn. 



We spent the evening at the bar enjoying an old fashioned (My favorite drink) with Lincoln in the Moby Wrap. We talked late into the night with Fiona and some of the other guests who had just arrived after spending the day on the road. Now, to give a good image of how the evening went, just picture a scene from the movie, Midnight in Paris. As it so turns out they’re friends of our friends from our college days in Florida. The Four Chimney’s Inn connected our paths as if from a story from the roaring 20s. If you know how much of an old soul I am, then you’d know I was enjoying every minute of it. 

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The rooms were warm and comfortable. Everything in the room had purpose and nothing was out of place. We were met with sweet local treats and ideas for some activities in the area. We slept deeply that night and work up to an amazing breakfast experience enjoying our preselected meals from the night before ( Barbarah had the French toast and I had the omelet. The dining room was pure class with beautiful tablecloths and table settings with a coffee and tea area. Servers came immediately to accommodate our little family to have the best possible experience.


Barbarah and I were talking about the fact that her parents were married at the inn 25 years ago, so naturally that fired up her creativity of how to spread the word of this beautiful inn to her couples. We agreed that it’s the perfect place to have a small wedding, to elope, or to use as a getting ready place for a wedding day. The rooms are cozy, beautiful; the food is amazing and the venue is so charming.

We will definitely stay there again. Hats off to Lynn, Pete, Fiona and the whole team at the Four Chimneys Inn. One word of advice, if you stay here when visiting beautiful Vermont, you may not want to leave ;). 

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