Caldera Family Session | An Elegant Family Session in Washington, D.C.

I am currently reading through Mark Batterson's book called, A Trip Around the Sun, co-authored with Dick Foth, and there are seriously so many good one-liners in this book that I think I'll be quoting them for awhile. Are you ready for the first one? "Possessions are a dime a dozen. Experiences are the currency of a life well lived." -Mark Batterson.

I hope you went, "mmm...well said...!" and that this quote also got you thinking about how you spend your time and your money. Do you find yourself mostly accumulating possessions? Or, have you started to realize the value of accumulating experiences over possessions? 

This part of the book reminded me of something that Lilia (pictured below) said to me after the session when they took me out for dinner and paid for the bill despite my protest, "You know, what you've done for us today is worth so much more than a few dollars. You're helping us to hold on to these memories, and that's something that is so important to us," she said. 

I hope as you look at these photos you are also reflecting on the things in life that you value the most. Enjoy! xx